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How to Remove Dried Henna Paste with Oil

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Properly sealed henna should never flake off like store bought henna. Natural henna has sugar mixed into the paste, but after using the Sealant Spray, the dried henna should be basically “glued” to your skin. This can cause some frustration when it comes to scraping the “glued” henna off. The key is to soften the dried henna and remove without exfoliating and scratching the skin. The secret ingredient is: oil Here are a few steps to help you remove your dried henna: Note: If you are using meditape, it will peel some of the henna off for you when you remove [...]

3 Ways to Achieve a Dark Henna Stain by Wrapping

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When you are using natural chemical-free henna, there is no instant dark henna stain after 30 mins of application. Natural henna requires some patience and proper aftercare. The secret ingredient to dark henna is: Heat. Henna comes from a part of the world that is hot and humid, not air conditioned. AC is dry air and that dries out the henna and doesn’t promote dye-release. So, If you don’t have the luxury of a hot or humid day, as we do in South Florida, it’s even more important to seal and wrap the henna. Here are 3 ways to [...]

What is Henna and Jagua?

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WHAT IS HENNA? Henna (or Mehndi) is an ancient art form, traditionally practiced during a variety of celebrations and still is. Stemming from India, SE Asia, North Africa and Middle-Eastern regions. Henna is produced from a small shrub called “Lawsonia Inermis.” The leaves and twigs are gathered and ground into a fine powder, which then mixes with various ingredients to form a paste. The henna mixture is applied to the body in the form of beautiful patterns via small plastic tubes or toothpicks or jack bottles with a fine tip. Henna stains the top layers of your skin. The final [...]

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