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Jagua is Not Black Henna, So What is It?

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What is Jagua, if it's not black henna?  Jagua juice comes from the jagua fruit also known as the  Genipa americana. Harvested in South America, Puerto Rico and other tropical places, south of the equator. It has been used for centuries for tribal markings and body art. Recently becoming popular in the west. So, how does this affect you? Here’s what you need to know: It’s applied like henna, but the consistency is more like aloe than a paste. It has a completely different aftercare instruction vs henna. The end result is bluish black, bluer on lighter skin, blacker on darker [...]

What is Henna and Jagua?

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WHAT IS HENNA? Henna (or Mehndi) is an ancient art form, traditionally practiced during a variety of celebrations and still is. Stemming from India, SE Asia, North Africa and Middle-Eastern regions. Henna is produced from a small shrub called “Lawsonia Inermis.” The leaves and twigs are gathered and ground into a fine powder, which then mixes with various ingredients to form a paste. The henna mixture is applied to the body in the form of beautiful patterns via small plastic tubes or toothpicks or jack bottles with a fine tip. Henna stains the top layers of your skin. The final [...]

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