Hengua (henna + jagua)


Hengua Cones

Hengua is awesome for brides that want a darker look but not as bluish as jagua. Use alongside Henna, especially on the upper arms, forearms and back of hands, to achieve 2 toned work or transitional shades. This hengua is a 50/50 blend of henna + jagua. It will yield a chocolate brown color. If you are looking for a a darker stain or a redder stain, check out the Henna Cones or Jagua Gel

– 14-16 grams per cone: 4 cones is enough for a delicate bridal set (if you are not sure how much hengua you will need, contact us for some tips and advice)

Get DISCOUNTS the more you buy. Contact us for bulk quantity

Be sure to get the after care spray for sealing the hengua and the We’r da Balm aftercare to help extend the life of your hengua!

Shipping: this product is perishable, please select priority shipping (1-3 days), so the hengua does not degrade in shipping, especially during the summer. Flat rate is 3-5 days and you risk the quality of the hengua.

Note: this product DOES NOT ship to Canada, USA only. Cone packaging color may vary (colored, printed or clear)

Allergies: this product contains citrus and jagua, if you have a citrus or fruit allergy or sensitivity please be aware. It’s advised that you also do a 36h skin dot test to rule out any reactions.


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Tip: Store the Hengua in the freezer, thaw on the counter 10 minutes before use, or hold it in your hand – the warmth from you body will thaw it.

Tip: Always cut a small hole using small nail clippers or delicate scissors. Cut one cone with a larger hole and one with a smaller hole – this allows you to swap cones for thicker or thinner lines/sections without cramping your fingers/wrist! Pinch the tip with a paper towel if it clogs.

Care: Spray the hengua with the sealant, leave it on for 5 hours or more. If you will be in AC or colder climate, wrap your hengua – click here for the steps and a video. Your hengua will be light at first, final color will be dark brown over 36hours.

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