Bulk Henna Paste

Save money by buying in bulk. If you want to fill your own cones, this is the perfect solution for any artist.

Ingredients: Rajistani henna powder, lemon juice, sugar and essential oils – Cajeput, Eucalyptus, tea tree and other house blends

  • 4 oz – will fill about 7 cones (at 16grams each)
  • 8 oz – will fill about 14 cones (at 16 grams each)
  • 16 oz – will fill about 28 cones (at 16grams each)

Tip: fill cones with 1 inch left at the top, allows you enough to fold and tape

Note: cones not included, if you want empty rolled or unrolled cones please order here

Be sure to get the after care supplies for sealing the henna and the We’r da Balm aftercare to help extend the life of your henna!

To see how dark our henna gets visit the Bridal Henna Gallery

Shipping: this product is perishable, please select priority shipping (1-3 days), so the henna does not degrade in shipping, especially during the summer. Flat rate is 3-5 days and you risk the quality of the henna.

Note: this product DOES NOT ship to Canada, USA only.

Allergies: this product contains citrus, if you have a citrus allergy or sensitivity please be aware. It’s advised that you also do a 36h skin dot test to rule out any reactions.