This for temporary skin art, lasts 1-2 weeks (slowly fades away). This is a gel made from the Jagua fruit juice & Eucalyptus essential oil, organic xanthum gum and sugar. This will dye bluish black, bluer on lighter skins. If you are looking for redder henna click here, if you are looking for browner henna click here

- 10-12 grams per cone (if you are not sure how much henna you will need, contact us for some tips and advice)

- 100% natural, dyes, chemicals and preservative free, this is NOT black henna

- store in freezer

Shipping: this product is perishable, please select priority shipping (1-3 days), so the henna does not degrade in shipping, especially during the summer. Flat rate is 3-5 days and you risk the quality of the Jagua. Note: this product DOES NOT ship to Canada, USA only. Cone packaging color may vary (colored, printed or clear) Allergies: Jagua is a fruit extract, closest to strawberries. If you have a berry or citrus allergy please do a 36h skin dot test to make sure no reactions occur.