Here’s how to prepare for your henna appointment and plan accordingly based on what you want done, and some frequently asked questions:

Covid notice: masks are required. Only 1, max 2 people are allowed inside at a time, other’s can wait in the car or outside seating. Please text upon arrival. 

  1. Timing: don’t plan anything for about 4-6 hours after your appointment. The henna/jagua will need to dry and set for 4-6 hours. So you don’t want to sweat or do anything vigorous, where the henna/jagua could smear or flake off.
  2. Mani Pedi: Make any spa appointments a day before your henna appointment, including your mani-pedi. Having your hands and feet soaked and scrubbed after henna application can cause fading. But, if you have to do it afterwards, make sure it’s after the 4-6hours, or the next day. Tell your technician to avoid scrubbing the henna stained areas.
  3. Back, chest or body designs: make sure to wear a top that can be tied off or tucked to expose the area. Bikini tops or a button down shirt in reverse are some ideas.
  4. Belly scar cover-ups: for this you will need to lay down and stay there until it is dry. Allocate extra time for your appointment and wear tights. Once the design is dry, I will wrap it to protect it and the tights will be pulled over it to keep everything held in place snuggly.
  5. Feet: shoes cannot be worn if you do a foot design, you can wear flip flops and a design can be done around the straps. If you choose a fuller design then be prepared to go barefoot and plan accordingly.
  6. Hair: fine hair is ok, anything too heavy a wax or shave is recommended. Hair prevents the finer lines and details from setting on the skin and can create a barrier.

Accepted Payments: Zelle, Venmo, Cash-app, Cash or PayPal. Cards are accepted with a 3% fee.

Note: If you are planning to have henna at an event or party, make sure to schedule it after any pool or beach time so the henna doesn’t wash off.


  1. How long does it last? 1-2 weeks, it slowly fades away based on how much you are washing the area, going to the beach or pool, etc. hands and feet tend to fade faster than other body parts.
  2. How much does it cost? Small to medium designs are around $25-$35, it really depends on the size and detail of the design. Have some inspirations and ideas ready to receive an accurate estimate. Note: designs can be modified to fit most budgets.
  3. How old do you have to be to get henna? if your child is patient enough to allow nail polish to dry then they’re probably able to sit for henna, so possibly as young as age 5.


Remember henna takes 2 days to fully darken and Jagua takes 1 day. So, plan accordingly: always schedule your henna 1-2 days prior to any special event.


Jagua stain progress: