Welcome to The nazaHenna Academy.

Online classes available upon request. Local classes are held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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In our classes you will learn how to mix, package and store Henna, including various different application styles and techniques for body art and how you can use henna and jagua to express your creativity and reach your artistic goals. Receive hands on instruction in small class settings where all tools are provided for success. Our two 101 fundamentals classes in henna and jagua are required prior to opening up over 15 workshops that focus on application techniques, mandalas, geometric shapes, negative spaces, bridal and many other specialized classes.

Fundamentals: Core Classes

[ Required prior to workshops, exceptions will be made depending on your henna experience ]

Henna Fundamentals

Learn the basics of henna art in this 3 hour intensive fundamentals course and qualify for over 15 workshops. All classes are limited to 5-10 people per class

This class includes:

• Brief history and traditions of henna
• Different types of henna
• Henna chemistry and safety
• Henna mixology
• How to apply henna using fresh henna cones
• One-on-one professional guidance
• Application techniques
• Design elements and composition
• Henna aftercare

Workshop materials included for success:

• Workbook and worksheets
• Tools for henna application
• Fresh henna cones
• Sealant spray
• Practice henna cones
• Cellophane for cone rolling
• and much more!

Jagua Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Jagua art in this 3 hour intensive fundamentals course and qualify for over 15 workshops. All classes are limited to 5-10 people per class

This class includes:

• Brief history and traditions of Jagua
• Understanding the difference between Henna vs Jagua
• Different forms of jagua: gel, juice, powder
• Jagua chemistry and safety
• How to apply Jagua using fresh cones
• Application techniques
• Design elements and composition
• Jagua aftercare

Workshop materials included for success:

• Workbook and worksheets
• Tools for application
• Fresh Jagua cones (if you have a fruit allergy, Jagua may cause a rash)
• Sealant spray
• Practice Jagua cones
• Cellophane for cone rolling
• Jagua Gel vs Jagua Juice vs Jagua powder
• and much more!

Upcoming Classes:

Online Classes are now OPEN! Using google hangouts or zoom.

  • Classes will still be limited to 5-10 students
  • All supplies and study materials will be mailed out to those who sign up and pay
  • dates and times will be finalized and coordinated with those who register


[ Available after fundamentals unless you have henna experience. Price $65 each. Workshops are about 2 hours long ]

Our workshops are divided by different styles of design application. Also available is Henna Mixology, Hair Care, and Henna Crafts. In addition, we offer three advanced level bridal henna courses and a professional series. Workshops are updated every time one is offered, so we can keep up to date with the henna industry and our student’s needs.

If you are new to henna be sure to take the henna fundamentals prior to workshops. Beginner techniques are not covered in workshops.

Henna Lines & Texture

A great beginners class, learn to drape lines vs. drag, how to use super fine lines to create texture, and shading with henna cone, brushes and other material.

Henna Mandalas

Learn to draw circular mandalas building from the inner ring out and design options for each tier including negative and filled spaces with the help of our grid system.

Sacred Geometry

Learn to deconstruct complex geometric patterns and easily build geometric designs that are balanced and symmetrical.

A Global Study of Peacocks

Master a staple figure in henna design – the grand peacock. Learn the various types of peacock shapes and styles used throughout the world traditionally and currently.

A Global Study of Flowers

Explore the many different styles of flowers used in henna designs and how to build out or incorporate them in a larger or repetitive design. Styles include Indian and Polynesian.

Sangeet Strip Designs for Indian Parties

Learn quick but full designs that are suitable for henna or Indian themed parties and events. Master a speed of 3-5 minutes per design.

Henna Mixology

This class is for those who really want to start making their own henna. An extension of the brief overview of mixology covered in Henna 101, this class is an in-depth dedication to the subtleties and techniques to maximize your own high quality henna paste.

Indian symbolism

Learn and explore key symbols of Indian henna and culture. Symbols include deities and elephants.

Spacing and Composition

Learn 2 techniques to control the depth of your henna composition.
Reverse negatives: where and how to fill in a space. Negative space: where to give your composition space to breathe and balance.

Jewelry style Henna

Gems and jewelry are a popular inspiration for henna artists. Learn how to drape henna like jewelry and to deconstruct actual jewelry pieces to re-interpret them.

Moroccan and Tribal Designs

Study and explore what sets this style apart from the more popular Southeast Asian traditional design. Learn the primitive shapes of tribal design and the line work to build signature Moroccan patterns.

Henna Marketing & going Pro!

What does it take to be a professional henna artist and conduct your business appropriately? We will review sales, marketing, toolkit and some legal information to help you start making money!


“Henna” on Crafts

Learn to use paint in henna cones or various other media to design your own glasses, plates, clothing and any other surface you can think of. Bring to class what you want adorn!

Bridal Henna L1

Explore the cultural significance and traditions of bridal henna in this advanced level course and learn henna fillers, which are the keys to filling the larger shapes that make up the bridal composition.

Bridal Henna L2

Learn to elevate your composition in this advanced course, work faster and in larger areas, and practice thick and thin areas to achieve greater depth

Bridal Henna Master Class

Learn to master the maharani bridal henna in this advanced course, where henna is up to the knees and elbows. Learn to connect designs around the arm, dulhan/dulha (bride/groom) faces, customize design requests, and challenge your technique to the ultimate test in this class.

All classes must have 5 students, or class will be canceled. If class is canceled, 5 days notice will be provided and full refunds issued.

Allergy notice: we will be using lemon juice, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil.