Is Doing Henna Cultural Appropriation?

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Lately I've had several clients timidly sit down in my studio and awkwardly apologize, “I'm sorry if this is cultural appropriation, I just really love henna.”  It got me thinking, is it cultural appropriation?  Wikipedia defines cultural appropriation as the adoption of an element(s) of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from minority cultures. In the case of henna, this definition could be interpreted as: it’s taking the sacred art and application of mehndi without permission and turning it into fashionable consumer culture, where [...]

Prenatal Belly Blessing Henna for Expecting Moms

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Henna or mehndi has always been used in celebrations symbolizing joy, strength and love. Belly blessing henna for pregnancy is all of those things and more! It’s a wonderful bonding experience, not just for the mom-to-be and her beautiful belly, but a gathering of many women coming together to celebrate and bless them both. For me, it’s truly a humbling and connecting experience, especially when the baby moves and reacts to the henna cone tickling the belly as I paint.  Here is my story on how I discovered this beautiful art and why I fell in love: At the beginning [...]

How to Prepare for your Henna Appointment

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Here's how to prepare for your henna appointment and plan accordingly based on what you want done, and some frequently asked questions: Covid notice: masks are required. Only 1, max 2 people are allowed inside at a time, other's can wait in the car or outside seating. Please text upon arrival.  Timing: don't plan anything for about 4-6 hours after your appointment. The henna/jagua will need to dry and set for 4-6 hours. So you don't want to sweat or do anything vigorous, where the henna/jagua could smear or flake off. Mani Pedi: Make any spa appointments a day before [...]

10 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding Henna or Mehendi Night:

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South Florida is huge for destination weddings, people from all over the US, Canada and UK travel here for their sunshine weddings on or near the beach. Weather you are headed to the sunshine state or a tropical island, here are some tips for beach brides planning their bridal and sangeet henna:    Mani Pedi: Make your spa appointment a day before your henna appointment, including your mani-pedi. Having your hands and feet soaked and scrubbed after henna application can cause fading. Shaving and waxing - fine hair is ok, anything too heavy a wax or shave is recommended. Hair [...]

How to schedule your bridal henna

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Preparing for the start of your wedding festivities is exciting and stressful, but your Sangeet or Henna night is the kick-off! The beginning of all the festivities of your amazing wedding events to come. Here's our advice on ensuring your henna is scheduled correctly and you are prepared to relax and enjoy:   Bridal Henna should be applied 2-3 days before the big day. Henna needs up to 36 hours to fully darken and be camera ready. The areas that will darken quickest, from the orange to the maximum shades of brown-reddish-burgundy are the palms, fingers, toes and edges of the [...]

Henna Safety: Natural Henna vs Chemical

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Natural Henna is Safe Henna! Learn how to quickly tell the difference: Download the PDF of this table Natural Henna, aka real henna is a plant, botanical name: lawsonia inermis Henna is actually a powder at first, which is created by first drying the leaves, then grinding and sifting. Artists all over the world have different recipes and some are very cultural. Recipes can include: tea, cloves, water, lemon juice, sugar and essential oils to create a perishable product. Natural henna has no preservatives and has a shelf life up to 6 months in the freezer for use on [...]

Jagua is Not Black Henna, So What is It?

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What is Jagua, if it's not black henna?  Jagua juice comes from the jagua fruit also known as the  Genipa americana. Harvested in South America, Puerto Rico and other tropical places, south of the equator. It has been used for centuries for tribal markings and body art. Recently becoming popular in the west. So, how does this affect you? Here’s what you need to know: It’s applied like henna, but the consistency is more like aloe than a paste. It has a completely different aftercare instruction vs henna. The end result is bluish black, bluer on lighter skin, blacker on darker [...]

How to Remove Dried Henna Paste with Oil

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Properly sealed henna should never flake off like store bought henna. Natural henna has sugar mixed into the paste, but after using the Sealant Spray, the dried henna should be basically “glued” to your skin. This can cause some frustration when it comes to scraping the “glued” henna off. The key is to soften the dried henna and remove without exfoliating and scratching the skin. The secret ingredient is: oil Here are a few steps to help you remove your dried henna: Note: If you are using meditape, it will peel some of the henna off for you when you remove [...]

3 Ways to Achieve a Dark Henna Stain by Wrapping

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When you are using natural chemical-free henna, there is no instant dark henna stain after 30 mins of application. Natural henna requires some patience and proper aftercare. The secret ingredient to dark henna is: Heat. Henna comes from a part of the world that is hot and humid, not air conditioned. AC is dry air and that dries out the henna and doesn’t promote dye-release. So, If you don’t have the luxury of a hot or humid day, as we do in South Florida, it’s even more important to seal and wrap the henna. Here are 3 ways to [...]

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