South Florida is huge for destination weddings, people from all over the US, Canada and UK travel here for their sunshine weddings on or near the beach. Weather you are headed to the sunshine state or a tropical island, here are some tips for beach brides planning their bridal and sangeet henna: 


  1. Mani Pedi: Make your spa appointment a day before your henna appointment, including your mani-pedi. Having your hands and feet soaked and scrubbed after henna application can cause fading.
  2. Shaving and waxing – fine hair is ok, anything too heavy a wax or shave is recommended. Hair prevents the finer lines and details from setting on the skin and can create a barrier. 
  3. Massage: schedule this before your henna. Massage oils and exfoliates can fade the henna or interfere with the absorption and darkening process. It’s best to shower and have clean skin prior to the henna. (Applying regular aftercare oil and balms will help extend the life of your henna stain). 
  4. Tanning – utilize the natural sunlight if you can, avoid spray tanning, but if you must, then opt to get it done AFTER you have henna.  Spray tanning basically sticks a chemical on your skin (the tan), which makes the henna paste hard to penetrate into your skin.
  5.  Swimming – the beaches and pools are calling to you, we know, but go swimming before your henna! ALWAYS opt for the ocean instead of chlorinated pool water, the chlorine acts like a bleach, fading your henna faster. Remember sand is an exfoliate and can also speed up the henna fading. Always use sunblock.
  6. Shower – Shower before your appointment and do not apply any lotions or creams 
  7. Attire – Don’t wear long pants or skirts that will have to be hiked up and pinned to protect your henna from smearing, go for capris, or leggings that can be scrunched up, same goes for any fabrics covering/touching the arms
  8. Location – as a destination bride you may want to setup outside or near the sand (if you are on the beach). Keep in mind the humid climate of Florida, unless it’s December – March. You don’t want to sweat the henna off or track sand onto your fresh art.
  9. Schedule – try to make your bridal henna appointment prior to the hustle and bustle of your sangeet or mehendi night. Uninterrupted time slot allows the work to be neater, go faster and ensures your comfort level. Learn more about how to properly schedule your henna