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{ Founder + Artist}


A bride in the Far East once said, “the darker my mehndi the more he shall love me.” And so it began: the love of mehndi and mehndi for love. We value that tradition even in a contemporary light. We provide that passion, love and freshly handmade Henna to each and every client.

Each of us brings a unique style to our work, we all have fine art backgrounds or degrees in the arts. We continue to learn, practice and evolve, always striving to be at the forefront of organic skin art.

Whether you are seeking temporary adornments with body painting, glitter art, or Henna for fun, let us canvas you with our hand drawn arts.


“Borne from the desire to create art and beauty in all aspects of life, nazaHenna’s main purpose is to passionately adorn each client with organic traditional henna body art. Specializing in South Asian weddings, our goal is to provide the richest and darkest stain possible using the finest quality ingredients as provided by Mother Nature herself. Along with crafting intricate designs and embellishments fit for a Maharani (Queen), we strive to provide an all encompassing service that both pampers and nurtures the client’s spirit and senses.”

Meet the Team


Jade Feasel

Henna Artist

Sadiyah Ali

Henna Artist

Preya Dee

Henna Artist & Lead Makeup & Hair Stylist

Cendy Cherizard

VP of Marketing